Relief from Tooth Pain is Just a Phone Call Away.  Gentle Root Canals for You.

Right here in Greeley, Colorado is where people from all over the state, the country and even different regions of the globe have come to Dr. Lowry’s Premier Endodontic Center for the relief of painful toothaches.


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·         You Suffer from a Constant Tooth Pain.

·         You Think to Yourself “I’m so Embarrassed That I Need a Root Canal” or “Why Can’t Anyone Figure Out Why My Teeth Hurt So Much?”

·         You Have Had a Terrible Experience in the Past During a Root Canal Treatment.

Then, we have a special place for you here at The Premier Endodontic Center that is dedicated in helping people just like you.

Having a Root Canal Should Not Be Scary.

Endodontic Treatment – Toothache Pain Relieved in as Little as an Hour!


Dr. Lowry has developed a method in Endodontic Treatment (also known as Root Canal treatment) that often allows a patient relief from a toothache in as little as one visit.  What once took multiple appointments and many hours in the dental chair Dr. Lowry’s Endodontic Method is usually completed in less than one hour.  This is great news for people that want impeccable care and efficiency at the same time.

Dr. Lowry has been trained by some of the best Endodontists in the world. He has been treating difficult endodontic cases since 1999.  He trained at The University of Southern California, which is one of the top endodontic facilities in the world.

Finally, You Can Have All Your Toothache Pains Treated By a Highly Trained Endodontist…

Dr. Lowry specifically tailors each person’s treatment, takes time to answer all your questions and outlines exactly what needs to be done.  This creates a mutual bond of respect between Dr. Lowry and you.  You are treated as a person and not just a “case.”